50+ Do Deer Eat Geraniums

50+ Do Deer Eat Geraniums. Planting these flowers around and among your geraniums will hide the geraniums so that deer do not find them. They are especially fond of the new tender growth where the thorns are not so sharp and when food is scarce or rabbit populations run high, rabbits, like deer, will eat almost anything, including your prized geraniums.

Do Deer Eat Geranium Deer Repellent
Do Deer Eat Geranium Deer Repellent from chasedeerout.com

Rhubarb is a good vegetable to deer will eat cilantro, kale, chard, basil, okra, melon, summer squash, winter squash, bok choy, brussels sprouts, radish and potatoes if they are. Deer are herbivores, that is, they eat plants. Climbing hydrangeas can reach heights of several dozen feet.

I've had success with planting.

Therefore, if you want to attract deer to your area, provide them with access to safe drinking water and an open area with no hunters nearby. Research from the university of missouri extension has identified more than 600 plant. Young trees and shrubs can suffer permanent damage from deer browsing. Let's be honest, deer will eat anything;

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