49+ Water Heater Won't Stay Lit

49+ Water Heater Won't Stay Lit. Water heater is making strange noises. A water heater is designed to serve you efficiently, but after some time it might get faulty in lighting thereby resulting in poor performance.

Why Won T My Water Heater Light
Why Won T My Water Heater Light from magnificentplumbing.com

I have an atwood water heater dsi model g6a8e it will light for about 30 seconds then shut down. You only need to bend it back to the original position but make sure it is close to the flame of the pilot enough to heat it. My water heater burner won't stay lit.

If a gas water heater isn't heating, a common problem is usually that the pilot light has gone out.

After powering off the heater it would come on and stay lit for 10 sec and shut off. Replacing the water heater may not fix the problem. I have a state select gas water heater and it just went out and i cant figure out how to re light it. The pilot light in a water heater ignites the gas burner and thus heats the water in the tank.

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