43+ Pruning Rose Of Sharon

43+ Pruning Rose Of Sharon. If you decide that your shrubs are in need of as a rule, the best time to prune your rose of sharon is anywhere from march to early may, before the blooms begin to open.2 x research source. Pruning rose of sharon in the early springtime encourages blooming while allowing you to remove any portions of the plant damaged by winter temperatures and winds.

August Rose Of Sharon
August Rose Of Sharon from ag.tennessee.edu

It can also stand extreme pruning, if you wish to turn yours into a small tree instead. I need information on when to prune rose of sharon hedge. If you allow it to grow unchecked for too long, your plant will establish very thick trunks from which it will branch off.

It develops a seedpod that scatters seeds that will easily grow.

Tara shares a great tip for preventing this problem and getting the most of this lovely flowering tree. When pruning your diseased rose of sharon, disinfect your pruning tools before and after use by dipping them in a bleach or alcohol and water solution to prevent spreading the diseases to your other landscape plants, trees and shrubs. Check proper pruning information for each plant and prune as needed. Rose of sharon is classified by botanists as a shrub, but it can be pruned to form one main trunk so that it grows more like a tree.

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