37+ Does Salt Go Bad

37+ Does Salt Go Bad. Is there a point at which you should throw out your salt? A couple of types of sea salt, such as celtic and fleur de sel, do contain small amounts of water.

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To the degree that table salt is bad, real salt is healthy, necessary, and good. Even if it doesn't, like all spices, it'll lose salt, on the other hand, is a very stable chemical and won't support anything growing on it, so it won't go bad. Leave your comments below and i promise to reply!

But sodium is not all doom and gloom.

Molds and yeasts and bacteria of various kinds can feast on them, and their own natural enzymes. If the salt is in its purest form then it can go for million years without expiring but if it has some additives in it or if it is exposed to too much moisture or heat, then it can go bad before time. Over time, iodized salt may turn yellow. Unless your salt gets wet and starts clumping together, there's no reason to worry about it going bad.

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