36+ Getting Rid Of Groundhogs Mothballs

36+ Getting Rid Of Groundhogs Mothballs. The idea to use ammonia or mothballs for a groundhog repellent has been used by many homeowners. You can trap them humanely, fumigate them, and exterminate them without fumigation.

Do Mothballs Help Repel Groundhogs
Do Mothballs Help Repel Groundhogs from www.aaanimalcontrol.com

For the best results, address the problem as soon as it becomes apparent. You can get rid of groundhogs by pouring cloudy ammonia into their burrows or by using a safe trap. Mothballs make a very effective tool in getting rid of mice and other small rodents from your home.

The first thing to do before getting rid of groundhogs.

While these creatures definitely have the looks going for them and are even used to predict the weather, they are also known for causing a bit of damage. Fumigation and shooting are options best reserved for rural settings. This is a guide about getting rid of groundhogs. Groundhog day is here (it's february 2), and now the question people ask us most is not what the groundhog predicts but how do i get rid of them from my lawn? spring is when they start mating so they'll be very active during this time.

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