36+ Does Music Affect Plants Growth

36+ Does Music Affect Plants Growth. Where did these claims about plants and music start? Why is music associated with plant growth?

Analysis Effect Of Music On Plant Growth
Analysis Effect Of Music On Plant Growth from musicandplantgrowth.weebly.com

The effects of the emotional aspect of music on plants, because plants are also sensitive to the emotions and thoughts. Classical music tends to produce the best plant growth, but say, rock music, tends to not do so good. Sound waves are made up of compressed air molecules.

Rock music decreases growth, and soft classical music increases growth by about 6 millimeters a week.

Here, i want to give you a taste of what some researchers have observed experiments were done on many other plants and had proven beyond any shadow of doubt that harmonic sound waves affect the growth, flowering. The upcoming article divulges the answer. Ideas for websites to research plants and types of music. In humans, music has a strong effect on our health and mood, and over the years, people have claimed that the same effect of music has been observed on plants, too.

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