33+ Hydrangea Won T Bloom

33+ Hydrangea Won T Bloom. This is why your hydrangea isn't blooming! There is even a little romance involved.

Hydrangea Better Homes Gardens
Hydrangea Better Homes Gardens from imagesvc.meredithcorp.io

The climbing hydrangea is a vine with beautiful, lacy white or pink blooms that takes some time to get going, but is a great addition to the garden once it. I have a hydrangea that has not bloomed for three years. Thanks so much for all these great tips and details!

Why didn't my hydrangea bloom?

The most common hydrangeas that have blooming issues are in the macrophylla family or primarily the endless summer hydrangeas. Not a bloom in sight. One variety of our hydrangeas didn't bloom at all this year, and i'm all over tending to them for next year. If a hydrangea has several color blooms like the one in the next photo, it may be transitioning to the current ph level or different parts of the garden soil how old is the hydrangea?

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