26+ Karley Rose Fountain Grass

26+ Karley Rose Fountain Grass. Improved vigor, size, darker flowers and cold hardiness distinguish this variety from other fountain grasses. Karley rose pennisetum orientale uspp 12,909.

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Oriental fountain grass 'karley rose', pennisetum alopeduroides 'karley rose'. Get a 10.400 second pennisetum orientale karley rose. The spires of pink florets are wider the prettiest, in our opinion, of the oriental fountain grasses.

'karley rose' has showy plumes in a smoky pink plum shade, which take form in.

The foliage is much darker green, taller and more erect. Department of agriculture plant hardiness zone 5 or 6 through 9. Its precious plumes are as soft and as cute as kitten tails, and they radiate light when planted strategically. Clumping ornamental grass with deep green, fine foliage.

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