21+ Straw Bale Gardening Instructions

21+ Straw Bale Gardening Instructions. Straw bales can be used like raised beds in the yard so that no additional soil is needed. You can put together a straw bale garden right on your lawn, your driveway (oh yes, your neighbors will love you) or anywhere that gets at least six to eight hours of sun.

How To Straw Bale Garden Bonnie Plants
How To Straw Bale Garden Bonnie Plants from edge.bonnieplants.com

Having read straw bale gardens, by joel karsten, i was ready to try growing in my first straw bale. Straw bale gardening, also known as bale gardening, is a technique that allows you to create a substantial but temporary garden almost anywhere. Straw bales are approximately 3' long and 1 1/2 deep.

They should extend several inches beyond the edge of each bale.

I live in west texas and i've been at my current place for 3 years. Hay is made from alfalfa and grasses that still have the seeds attached, and these seeds will. The use of a straw bale raises the garden off the ground making it more accessible to individuals with limited mobility or for those wishing to do less bending in the garden. Straw's hollow tube design helps to soak up and hold moisture, making it an ideal when sowing seeds directly, do as you normally would and follow the instructions on your seed pack.

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