11+ Black Diamond Crepe Myrtle

11+ Black Diamond Crepe Myrtle. Black diamond crape myrtle care is surprisingly simple! Black diamond crapemyrtles are gardeners' favorites around the word for their persistent deep black foliage, long bloom times, and exceptional growth habits.

Crape Myrtle Flowering Trees Black Diamond Plant Me Green
Crape Myrtle Flowering Trees Black Diamond Plant Me Green from cdn.shopify.com

Ideal as a specimen plant, foundation planting, or lining a driveway or fence. Once established black diamond crape myrtles are drought tolerant, but. This crape myrtle can be used in zones.

The white blossoms of this black diamond® variety appear vibrantly bright white and offset the intense hues of the dark leaves.

Plant these crape myrtles in full sun in us growing zones 7 to 10. The bright blooms reach their productivity peak. Black diamond crape myrtles have also showed improved tolerance to drought as well as fungal diseases like powdery mildew, and leaf spot. These crepe myrtles start bright and move to brilliant.

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